Owning a home is definitely one of one of our life goals. While most prefer outright buying a home, many prefer building their own home. And personally, if given a choice, building your home is anytime better. You get to do things your way, and your home then turns out to be a reflection of your personality! If you’re considering building a home, we have put up a few things that you need to know before finalising anything: Build will require the services of many tradesmen, such as carpenters, electricians, plasterers, painters, plumbers and many other specialists.

Take an informed decision:
You are taking a huge decision, so you have to be prepared in all ways. Building a home is a time-consuming process. You need to put in all your think tank, energy and time into everything – right from planning to supervision. Also, be prepared for tightening of your budget for other expenses, because estimates are ‘Estimates’. They’re not the final budget; they are just approximate numbers. And the actual costs always run into higher than estimated. So be frugal.


Find a right builder:
The person whom you hire should be able to comprehend what your plan is. You are building your home because you want it your way. So make sure you catch hold of a builder who understands this well. Also, keep track of the past work done by the builder, before you zero down on him. Make sure he uses proper materials, and the overall construction quality is up to the mark.

Have a plan ready:
You could even consider getting help from a professional designer who will be in a better position to put your ideas on the paper. Plus, considering their experience in this area, they will also have a lot of value- additions to make. If you’re comfortable doing it yourself, that’s great too.

Amp up the green quotient:
When planning itself, consider building your home in an eco-friendly manner. It may be slightly expensive at this stage, but think of the amount you’ll save on electricity bills later! And hey, you’ll be doing your bit towards conserving the environment. Win-win situation! Getting led lighting installed by an electrician will save you over time.

Create a checklist:
Make a checklist for each stage of the building process. And make sure you maintain this list and keep adding things as and when you remember them. This will help you understand what’s done and how much is still undone.

Try and plan the till the minute detail possible:
Try to get an overall picture of what you want at the beginning itself. For example, clearly chart out the location of the cabinets, other furniture, electronic devices, gadgets and other things at the beginning itself. The more sorted you will be at the start, lesser the chaos will ensue later!

Mistakes will happen:
No matter how well you plan, misjudgements and mistakes will happen! But don’t fret over it, something good always comes out of these mistakes. Who knows your mistake may end up looking better than the original plan!

Building your home is a journey – full of ups and downs. But it’s a thrilling one because, at the end of it, you’ll be watching your most cherished dream turn into reality!