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Our structures are art fully crafter and well designed.

Artfully Crafted

Our structures are art fully crafter and well designed.


We also provide renovating services and make sure that your property looks brand new.

Freshly New

We also provide renovating services and make sure that your property looks brand new.


Our team provides the best quality of work, and you can expect nothing less than perfection.

Perfect Lines

Our team provides the best quality of work, and you can expect nothing less than perfection.


The entire project is well planned and executed properly on time.


The entire project is well planned and executed properly on time.


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Gardening – Stump removal

September 4th, 2018|

As your home or business carries on and maybe expands, so does nature around you. From time to time it may come to pass that you need to say goodbye to an old tree. When removing trees it does not just finish with cutting the branches and disposing of the main trunk. I am sure you’ve seen it before, the leftover stump in the ground appearing like an eyesore in someone’s garden. Well, it is not just the aesthetics that makes this stump unappealing. There exists a level of safety that must be addressed, to ensure responsible action by business and home-owners alike. Stump removal/grinding is not an easy task and I would suggest getting in the professionals to assist in this task.

Stump Grinder removing tree stump

Stump Removal

It is not always the case that a stump requires stump grinding, perhaps on a small ornamental tree, it will be possible to dig and rip out that remaining stump. However, we will be addressing the issues for where this may not be possible and the only thing left to do is grind the stump down below the level surface to achieve a safe and aesthetic look.

Stump Grinding in action

Stump grinding is the basic action of using a large specially designed grinder and grinding wheel to cut through the remaining wood and stump. The cutting wheel is designed so that it may be able to cut through the wood and soft ground, the wood will be chipped into fine pieces and when mixed amongst the dirt will offer a good source of nutrients for the lawn or garden bed. Once the stump has been ground into small pieces and completely below the level of the ground, you are easily able to rake the excess dirt and debris over the area to make a level ground once again. The mulched wood chips will assist in the healthy growth of new grass.

Why remove the stump?

Besides the obvious reason of the unappealing nature of the remnants of the old tree, it is important to remove it for a few reasons. Firstly, it does present a hazard for people walking around and potentially tripping on the stump. People are also in the position of danger to drive over the stump, depending on the location and cause damage to vehicles or other machinery. The stump may also harbour termites or other harmful organisms that would be left best not being attracted to your home.

Getting it Removed

The best way to remove the stump is to call the professionals, who can save you a lot of time, energy and risk of having to take on the task. They are prepared, experienced and have all the right equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Do not leave your stump to rot and gather all sorts of problems. The task is a difficult one if never completed before and without the knowledge. Once the experts have come in and removed the stump you may return to tending to the well-flattened ground and be proud of the garden you have.

Stump Grinder after stump removal


Types of Roofing:

July 2nd, 2018|

Homes are mere four walls without roofs. What’s the point of a shelter without a roof? Are you even going to be saved from Mother Nature’s ever changing temperament? The sole idea of having a new roof is to be protected and secure in any weather, which makes roofs an essential part of homes. And again, the roofs have to be sturdy, durable and strong too. There are a variety of roofs for houses of different types situated in different climatic conditions. You need to take a wise decision and then zero down to a roof type, which takes care of climatic conditions and yet, goes in sync with the rest of your home! We have listed the different types of roofs to help you figure out which one will suit your needs:

Flat roofing:
A flat roof has a very low angle of inclination (around 10°), that too, to ensure proper drainage of water. This kind of roof gives you ample space, and you can install your solar panels or even have an open terrace upon it. Flat roofs are perfect for homes located in arid climates.

Butterfly roof:
If you love the eco-friendly stuff, this one’s for you! These are V-shaped roofs, extremely eco-friendly, keeping your home cool. They are expensive owing to their complex structure. But again, you’ll save a lot on those electricity bills. Apt for high drought areas, as these roofs provide the option of Rainwater harvesting too.

Curved Roof:
This is the most modern design incorporated into the roofing system. It looks more or less like a military bunker, only more polished and colourful. They are arch-shaped and give a different dimension to your home. Perfect choice for snowy and rainy areas.

Gable roofs:
You must have come across gable roofs in the good old Classics ( Anne of Green Gables). Giving a defined and elegant look to your home, these roofs are simple and cheaper than most other alternatives in roofs. They are great to drain off heavy snow and rainwater. You need to take care while fastening them though; else they cannot withstand stormy winds. These roofs give you ample of space utilisation below them. Apt for snowy and heavy rainfall regions.

Hip roofs:
Hip roofs have slopes on all four sides. These slopes then come together at the top and form a ridge. Hip roofs are considered to be a better alternative to Gable roofs, in terms of durability and sturdiness. Suitable for highly windy and snowy areas.


Mansard roof:
These roofs have a typical charm, which they pass on to your home too. They are super space savers because of their structure. They have a conventional structure, with a double slope and the lower one is steeper than the upper one. Not ideal for areas with excess rainfall.

Gambrel roofs:
Gambrel roofs are also known as Barn roofs. They have a look that’s similar to Gable roofs, but they cannot sustain strong winds, snow or hail storms. Typically suitable for dry and arid climates and should not be opted in case of extreme weathers.

Combination roofs:
You can also choose a combination of two or more of the above. It gives your home a different dimension altogether. Two or more roofs which go great with each other, both look-wise and weather-wise are great to go!

Research well and choose a roof keeping in mind the climate, and also the overall look of your home in mind.

Things you need to know when building a new home:

July 2nd, 2018|

Owning a home is definitely one of one of our life goals. While most prefer outright buying a home, many prefer building their own home. And personally, if given a choice, building your home is anytime better. You get to do things your way, and your home then turns out to be a reflection of your personality! If you’re considering building a home, we have put up a few things that you need to know before finalising anything: Build will require the services of many tradesmen, such as carpenters, electricians, plasterers, painters, plumbers and many other specialists.

Take an informed decision:
You are taking a huge decision, so you have to be prepared in all ways. Building a home is a time-consuming process. You need to put in all your think tank, energy and time into everything – right from planning to supervision. Also, be prepared for tightening of your budget for other expenses, because estimates are ‘Estimates’. They’re not the final budget; they are just approximate numbers. And the actual costs always run into higher than estimated. So be frugal.


Find a right builder:
The person whom you hire should be able to comprehend what your plan is. You are building your home because you want it your way. So make sure you catch hold of a builder who understands this well. Also, keep track of the past work done by the builder, before you zero down on him. Make sure he uses proper materials, and the overall construction quality is up to the mark.

Have a plan ready:
You could even consider getting help from a professional designer who will be in a better position to put your ideas on the paper. Plus, considering their experience in this area, they will also have a lot of value- additions to make. If you’re comfortable doing it yourself, that’s great too.

Amp up the green quotient:
When planning itself, consider building your home in an eco-friendly manner. It may be slightly expensive at this stage, but think of the amount you’ll save on electricity bills later! And hey, you’ll be doing your bit towards conserving the environment. Win-win situation!

Create a checklist:
Make a checklist for each stage of the building process. And make sure you maintain this list and keep adding things as and when you remember them. This will help you understand what’s done and how much is still undone.

Try and plan the till the minute detail possible:
Try to get an overall picture of what you want at the beginning itself. For example, clearly chart out the location of the cabinets, other furniture, electronic devices, gadgets and other things at the beginning itself. The more sorted you will be at the start, lesser the chaos will ensue later!

Mistakes will happen:
No matter how well you plan, misjudgements and mistakes will happen! But don’t fret over it, something good always comes out of these mistakes. Who knows your mistake may end up looking better than the original plan!

Building your home is a journey – full of ups and downs. But it’s a thrilling one because, at the end of it, you’ll be watching your most cherished dream turn into reality!

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